ArtWinner is a team of friends who strive to make the world of storytelling better with each new title.


Art Winner is a production company with extensive experience in audiovisual content production, its stronghold being TV and documentary. The company was founded in 2002 by Billyana Trayanova, author and producer of films and series like “Parallel Worlds”, “Border State”, “Hope Center”, “The Magic of Strandzha”, “15 Million Year Old Tales”, “Addiction”, “Strokes”, “Smoke”, “After the Sunrise”, “Home”, “Thin Ice”, “Bene Facta”, and others, all broadcast on national television, and including “41 Degrees” broadcast simultaneously on 3 national networks.



Our creative professionals will help develop your idea or come up with one… or ten. Blank pages are our favorite, because we get to fill them in.


Are you finally ready to make your story into a visual? We’ll be with you from A to Z. Lights, Camera, Action!


The cameras are off and packed up? Now, to the hardest part: we’ll guide you through the jungle of post-production, or simply do the job ourselves if you so prefer. 


If you’re stuck on your first paragraph or just want help with your story, our experienced writers are at your service. 


We’ll help you with what to shoot, where and how to get there.

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