Adventure Book Series / Age 7-12/ 6 books / published in Bulgaria.

Marco Adams is an 8-year old boy.
His parents film different cultures, tribes, animals. Their son accompanies them on their travels. Adventures follow him everywhere. Each story happens on a different place of the planet. With Marco, the young readers will travel around the world and see India, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Jordan, Myanmar, Peru, and many others.

They will meet maharajahs, shamans, warriors, archaeologists, explorers, different tribes and rare species of the animal world. They will discover the vast amount of magic, hidden in our seemingly well-known world.

How the story begins

Marco receives his name Harisha in Rajastan, India. After old Raul gets attacked by the Sacred Monkeys, Marco discovers his unique gift of being able to speak with monkeys. Since then, Marco Adams becomes Harisha. Harisha rescues the villagers and breaks the evil spell, which has been tormenting the Maharajah and his family for ages. All this becomes possible by a secret, that the primates reveal to Harisha. In a secret tunnel in the Maharajah's palace, the boy discovers a map, which promises to reveal special knowledge needed for saving the planet and all mankind. A few painted signs on the map herald a mystery which will be revealed step by step in the following episodes.

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