Star Machine

Type: TV Format

TV Chanel: TV 7

Duration: 30 min.

Year of production: 2011 - 2013

One Part Can Change Your Life!
Тhey not only sing!
They dance, they make stunts, they can make you cry or laugh. They turn into beggars, criminals, wizards or romantic characters. They will charm you! One role can make you fall in love or hate them!
Star Machine gives a chance to talented men and women to start up their acting career as actors, TV hosts, movie stars and to get into the Factory, producing Stars.

Star Machine is a:
Reality show containing specific elements from Talent shows. It follows the intense process of transformation of young aspiring actors into stars.

Talent hunting format;
Skill development;
Creating names in the show business (all areas - theatre, TV and cinema).

Young unnoticed talents have the rare chance to get through the Star Machine and be transformed into stars. Star Machine is pure entertainment with a lot of laugh, tears and triumph.


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